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The ritual of the hunt is on!

Created by Cat Warrior

A coyote standing vigilant protecting the land

Image of Kurst created by Heather Bruton

The creature is MIGHTY - watch out Billies are coming!

Created by Jessica Williams

Feel the beating of his drum

Native Wolf given to Kurst by Rog Minotaur

This coyote needs to be scritched

Picture created by Rog Minotaur

The mountains, the sky, the land - home.

Image of Kurst created by Dark Natasha

An explosive combination....

Image of Kurst created by The Gneech

The runaway yote had his picture taken again!  If you see him email kurst at the domain pconline dot com!

Anthrocon 2004 con badge from Rog Minotaur

Thinking in thought Snowstorm lifts his paw to write down his thoughts.

Picture made by Rog Minotaur for me

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