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Not all coyotes are horney e... Okay most are.

Gift picture done by The Werewolf!

These two husky and coyote are playing games really.  It is almost like twister

Gift picture done by The Werewolf!

Kurst Coyote Costume Malfunction!

Kurst Coyote by Lunarwolf

A super genius can whip it up good if needs too...

An Further Confusion 2004 gift pic

Science it's a WONDERFUL thing ;)  Especially up Dr. Wylen Ts'Ruk ass!

Dr. Ts'ruk birthday present from Werepuppy and Trejaan!

I think I am going to get stomped by a anvil soon ;)

Birthday Gift Pic by Lupustooth


Kurst by Taurin Fox


Art by Toro in My Sketchbook


One used Yote by Lunarwolf

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