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I Love Transformation In All Respects Of The Idea. Especially when handled in a mature fashion. It just makes it so much more real to me. Here is some tfs by some of my favorite artists that have drawn it for me some way.
Remeber i am not forcing you to look at it. Plus this is more on my "stranger" side.
Please honor the artist work and don't redistribute without permission

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Those fruits look like they are filled with life

Rackun lively drawn picture

Better change those batteries before they run out - keep the coyote vibrating!

A Buzzing Good Gift pic by ZS

Easter egg hunting is easier if someone is yelling

Easter surpise picture by Thrashwolf

I wonder if it can play that game at high graphics.  Nah it is not that fast!

A gift picture by ZS

This coyote is going to get a rude awakening when he finds out where he is at.

Gift picture done by The Werewolf!

You know what time it is?  It's banana split time YOTE!

A gift doodle by ZS

My that's yotes banana is big

A gift doodle by ZS

Take the skin and peel the banana yote back - that makes it better

A gift doodle by ZS


Panzer TF Commission
Bike TF

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Another TF peice I have on my wall is this one by Rog Minotaur! It's too big for my site (And I don't want to rework it) Click here to open a new page and go to Rog Minotaur's site for one my favorite tf pics!

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