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I Love Transformation In All Respects Of The Idea. Especially when handled in a mature fashion. It just makes it so much more real to me. Here is some tfs by some of my favorite artists that have drawn it for me some way.
Remeber i am not forcing you to look at it. Plus this is more on my "stranger" side.
Please honor the artist work and don't redistribute without permission

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Some first days are hard to do

Transfomration picture of the moo moo kind by Thrashwolf

I hate when it's more bun than weiner.

Transformation of the weiner kind picture drawn by Thrashwolf

Feeling a little cocky today?

Classic transformation/merging sketchbook picture by Thrashwolf

Now after I pull this lever are you happy to see me or just want my legs to rest on something

Doodle while talking online by ZS

Sit down for nice tv.. OH that's not full of beans yet!

Doodle while talking online by ZS

Custard Filled Thrashwolf MRRRR Custard.

Birthday Gift Sketch by ZS

A little TOO much creme inside this one.

Gift Birthday Picture By Kanada

Crispy CUM Yote Donuts

Birthday Gift Pic by Thrashwolf

He's all excited about this.  He's gushing out his cremy goodness

Birthday Gift Pic by ZS

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Another TF peice I have on my wall is this one by Rog Minotaur! It's too big for my site (And I don't want to rework it) Click here to open a new page and go to Rog Minotaur's site for one my favorite tf pics!

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