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Kurst will take your Gallon (Jon Talsmen) card and pin him down!

A Pocket Card Fighter Style Card For Kurst by Espilonarge

Doing that aliens thang.  How fast to move the knife around.

Original Sketchbook by Were Puppy
At AC 2003

Kurst - the ever vigilant yote warrior ready to strike fear against his enemies.

Wolf LSI gift picture for Kurst


Erik Fire Eyes (a character played by Kurst) Art By Werepuppy


Kurst TF picture by Louie Furrywolfy


A howling coyote by Bucky Boy
(FC 2003 Sketchbook)


Pic Of Kurst by Thrashwolf


My second con badge from Rog Minotaur


Sketchbook pic from Midwest FurFest 2002 by Rog Minotaur

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