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A special picture of Kurst
by Rog Minotaur

This picture is very special!

This was drawn while i was at ROg Minotaur's house trying to fix her computer and get the DAMN scanner to work (may it rest in peices).

That really is pretty close what I would look like one to one on the anthro front at the time ;)

And yes that expression is really what I look like after 24 hours LOL

(the Cat name in the picture is Bert when he is a baby one of Rog Minotaur's many animals.)

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Email Address:[email protected]
Entered on:Sunday 10-14-2007 22:17 PM EDT
Now that is an awsome picture!

Email Address:No Email Address Provided
Entered on:Wednesday 04-12-2006 09:24 AM CDT
Lovely picture, Rog draws such expressive faces and includes so much detail. I can't help thinking that it would be too cute to see Bert playing with Kurst's tail.

Been there, done that with scanners before! *laughs* Your comment is priceless "May it rest in pieces" LOL

Thank you for sharing the picture and the story behind it. ^_^

Email Address:[email protected]
Entered on:Wednesday 02-02-2005 15:56 PM CST
This is a great pic. So life like. My first thought was wow what skill. I would have to say that the feet alone are the best thing that i have seen in a long time, and i won't even start on the face. Thanks for sharing this great pic with the world.

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