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Created by Cat Warrior

The desert spins around me as I finish spawning the words of father coyote on the ground.

The energy of the desert flow into me,
it's power reigns my spirit in for the challenge it sets forth.

I blink and pull my dagger,
Stopping for a minute to let the night moon soak into my pours.

I ams ready
Ready fot the hunt

This amazing work of art was done by Cat Warrior.

I initially asked for this art at Memphit FurMeet 2004. While there was things that went on in his life prevented him from getting it done it was well worth the wait.

Thanks for the brillaint work.

The ritual of the hunt is on!
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Name:Mune Kitsune
Email Address:[email protected]
Entered on:Wednesday 01-16-2008 13:18 PM EST
Very beautiful picture, an impressive artist, don't recall ever seeing artwork by him/he before now though. I get a feeling of savage beauty from this one, the detail is wonderful, and it conjures up quite a few different emotions.

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It's a work in progress......
Commission by Kangaroo Boy for Spooo Presents Comics
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A coyote standing vigilant protecting the land
Image of Kurst created by Heather Bruton

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