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A gift picture of Kurst
by Rog Minotaur

With One Guitar

The stage is black
The crowd chants
I take a step back
Feeling the wave of voices

I smile and grasp my guitar
A silhouette falls across the stage
The crowd grows wild
And I step onto the stage

I hold my pick up
With a smile on my face
The crowd screams in anticipation
When the pick falls from grace

With one guitar
A turn of a knob
The pick hits wire
I nearly blow them away

With one guitar
The songs throws them back
To a place where we met
Face to face

With one guitar
The crowd grows frenzied at my feet
They want it
They want more

With one guitar
My pick strummin’ the string
Rockin’ the tunes
Throwing them a wave

With one guitar
I am their hero
Going to keep rockin’
Till the crowd fades away

Original picture given as a gift by Rog Miinotaur. Thanks again for the great gift!

This coyote is my guitar hero.  A real juke box hero.
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Entered on:Saturday 03-13-2021 21:28 PM PST
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A con badge a day keeps the coyote happy that day.
Created by K. & A. Kluveson
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Coyote feeling his native heritage - the tricksters blood run strong in him.
Gift picture by Kangaroo Boy

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