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Erik Fire Eyes (a character played by Kurst) Art By Werepuppy

Techincally not a picture of Kurst. But it's a coyote character for the rpg game called IRONCLOW.

Character name is Erik Fire Eyes he's a fool magacian that the dice just suck with. Other than that he is fun to play.

Awesome picture done by Werepuppy can't image him any other way now LOL

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Name:Erik Farias Del Angel
Email Address:[email protected]
Entered on:Saturday 12-03-2005 19:27 PM CST
I liked it a loy beacuse the draw has a great shadow efect, and my name is also Erik.

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Kurst - the ever vigilant yote warrior ready to strike fear against his enemies.
Wolf LSI gift picture for Kurst
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Kurst TF picture by Louie Furrywolfy

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