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Gift Picture By Lunarwolf

This long lost sketch was given to me by Lunarwolf in 2002. It shows a jumping coyote in mid air jumping over something with pure determination and energy.

What can I say I love luanrwolf's pencils. I think he does an amazing job with his pictures. And this one is not anything different.
Again what a masterpeice of work from a good friend

Jump Coyote!  A little more practive you can play leap frog with sheep.  Well maybe half way ;)
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Email Address:[email protected]
Entered on:Monday 10-24-2005 11:32 AM CDT
This was awesome do you think you could draw like a black panther and an maroon wildcat fighting for my school then I could print it out and put it on our poster for the big game on Friday against an rival in are small town. Thanks!

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My what big claws you have.
Long lost sketch by a friend for RPG game I play
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