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Anthrocon 2004 con badge from Rog Minotaur

I lost con badge #2 from Rog Minotaur at Anthrocon.
Since it was my favorite I was very upset.

While I was asleep Rog Minotaur made a new con badge for me this one.

Rog taunted me when it was given to me. Saying the yote in the badge knew where the old one was.

I liked the badge alot. Two days later a fur came up to me and said they found my old badge I was happy but still this is a special badge for me.

The runaway yote had his picture taken again!  If you see him email kurst at the domain pconline dot com!
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Name:Pat Williams
Email Address:[email protected]
Entered on:Wednesday 02-25-2009 06:18 AM EST
I liked your site.

Name:Amanda Ploof
Email Address:[email protected]
Entered on:Wednesday 04-18-2007 02:15 AM CDT
i love this pic so cute

Email Address:No Email Address Provided
Entered on:Friday 05-12-2006 07:54 AM CDT
Dis picture iz sorry cuz it iz.

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Picture made by Rog Minotaur for me

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