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Long lost sketch by a friend for RPG game I play

I found this in the back of my car! I don't know HOW it got there. Right now I am trying to restore them (Using some old techniques like large books and such) and maybe in a few more months I will have a better scan quality of it.

But instead of the possibility of losing this picture (again) to the world I thought I would put it up on the site.

Here is a rough sketch of Snowstorm Last Leopard - a StarGazer I play in RPG game Werewolf - The Apocalypse
This was suppsoed to become a finished picture but the artist who was working on it moved onto other things. But he did give me his work in progress when he realize he wasn't going to finish it for which I was very grateful for.

Strike a pose there's nothing to it....
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My what big claws you have.
Long lost sketch by a friend for RPG game I play

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