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Commission by Kangaroo Boy for Spooo Presents Comics

Spooo Presents Original Ad

One of my side activities is to help people make comics. A few years back I was talking to a few friends and we realized getting comics out was harder and harder for them. So I wanted to help. So I designed a buisness plan and ideas around 3 unique comic lines. One was Spooo Presents - an ADULT anthology line for anthromoriphic and furry art. So far it's the only comic series that I got off the ground.

When Spooo Presents Comics was just an idea in my head I was trying to figure out how to start advertising.

I was talking to Kangaroo Boy about the comic. He offered to make this add which was shown at cons and also in Rabbit Valley Comics flyers and comics.

The one that has in ads have text in the background for our own viewing I thought a blank background was fine.

I really still this ad to this day.

It's a work in progress......
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