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Picture made by Rog Minotaur for me

This is a rescan of a picture made for me by Rog Minotaur. This was original shown to the public at Anthrocon 2001

After a lot of work this was scanned in ... The nature of the picture made it hard to capture the essence of the picture but this scan comes close.

This picture was made in 2001 and was created for a character that is over 5 years old for a campeign that is 8 years old (it's mid 2004 when I write this)

Boy I feel old LOL.

The character name is Snowstorm. The idea is in a time he started to obsesse over some past memories and moments that happened to him (Stargazer obsessed that would NEVER happen) that is start of obsession when he started to put every image and thought up on a wall (in this case it became a cave)

Thinking in thought Snowstorm lifts his paw to write down his thoughts.
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Entered on:Monday 10-10-2005 20:48 PM CDT
So my little changeling friend. you are a coyote.pleased to meet you. i am whisper of the valley. i enjoy both your art and rog's....very much.

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The runaway yote had his picture taken again!  If you see him email kurst at the domain pconline dot com!
Anthrocon 2004 con badge from Rog Minotaur
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