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Gift by Thrashwolf

Shocked Coyote

One day a coyote got an initation. Innocently he went over to the wolf sat talking to the coyote. The wolf smiled. Was a friendly chap and offered him a drink. The coyote drink not knowing his drink was spiked. The wolf smiled, he knew only one way to become a hyperfur. He need a coyote.

The coyote felt some rumbling and went into shock. His body was being rewritten by the powerful potion. His whole body was becoming a malable blob of essence. Essence that would become whatever it is touched to.

The wolf knew this and slide his cock behind the immobile, shocked coyote. THe coyote essence clench and attached to the wolf making his cock only the start of his newly formed hyper cock.

The wolf became excited at the thought, his burning hot precum ravagishing the coyote’s body making him becoming faster and faster just a tube existance. His first steaming drops of pre-cum drip out of his mouth changing destroying his voicebox leaving his thoat become the perfect tubes.

Suprise Gift pic by Thrashwolf

Wait! What is happening I do not want to be a cock!
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At least in this current state this chair will not need batteries
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