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Gift by Thrashwolf

Shocked Coyote Part 2

The wolf satisified looks down at his hypercock. “Soon you will just be only cock meat”, he smiles and grunts as his changing cock spurts more cum out.

The coyote’s mind is being eaten away slowly turning into just mush. He spits and spats licking his lips at the erotic tastes. Not even understanding what is being told to him.

The wolf looks down at the mess “Cock you need to lick it up”.

The cock couldn’t help but start licking. he laped smiling enjoying the flavor. His mind losing it”s ability to think.

“I knew you’d enjoy that.” he pats the cock as the tongue dissolves in the cum, his eyes disentgrate and his thoughts evaporate like he never existed.

The wolf smiles as his cock slid in his sheath, knot disappearing just like any signs the coyote was even there.

Suprise Gift pic by Thrashwolf

Lap it up coyote
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Wait! What is happening I do not want to be a cock!
Gift by Thrashwolf
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Coyote mooving further into his job
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