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Gift by Thrashwolf

Hard Back Coyote

The coyote walked over into the dining room of the inn that he was staying for the week. The dining room was off limits to customers but for some reason the door was open. < BR>
What he saw amazed him, 3 chairs all around the table. They look like they are made out of people almost as if they are still breathing. He touched their warm upholstery, feeling the rigid wood structure underneath their warm cloth.

He turned around he saw the in keeper looking a little pleased. Before he could say anything he heard the snap of a fingers and his body shape contorted and change. A wave of extreme pleasure beat through and he squatted down. Moaning his nipples became buttons as his own bone structure started to solidify and cutting shaving into wood.

The inn keeper looks pleased as he feels the Coyote’s cock becoming Mahogany wood underneath his paw. The coyote whimpers his last words as his soft tissues inside solidify into fine wood. The inn keeper looks back at the work – a distorted coyote chair.

The inn keeper slides his pants down and let the fine polished chair’s hard cock slide in and out feeling it go in. He moans and groans masturbating in rhythm of his own motion. Screaming he cums onto the chair and smiles exhausted. His sticky cum dripping down the upholstery as the carved coyote face stairs directly at him. “I know you liked it” he pats the wooden cheek and turns off the light to the completed set.

At least in this current state this chair will not need batteries
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Wait! What is happening I do not want to be a cock!
Gift by Thrashwolf

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