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A gift doodle by ZS

He walks back finishing the second banana split. Wondering when his roommate and his mate will be coming home. As he walks he notice a tingle looking down his cock lengthen sealing up it's ripening core.

The coyote reaches down feeling it, feeling the banana between his legs as his own chest bulges out pushing up the fruity goodness inside. He screams for help, for his other roommate just as his own tongue swells up into the passionate fruit he just ate few minutes ago.

Gift pic by the cool artist ZS

My that's yotes banana is big
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This Wonderful Picture Was Updated on Fri Sep 11 21:26:40 PDT 2015
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You know what time it is?  It's banana split time YOTE!
A gift doodle by ZS
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Take the skin and peel the banana yote back - that makes it better
A gift doodle by ZS

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