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A gift doodle by ZS

The coyote's form quickly drifted away his banana shape was ripening about just as his Kangaroo room mate came down.

The roo quickly sniffed the air salivating at the tasty large banana in his house. Without thinking much about it he reaches down and starts un-peeling the moist fresh fruit dripping with his riping juices. The coyote shivers feeling his own banana being peeled back. He lets out a muffled groan as the roo breaks a piece off and pops it in his mouth. Tasty - the Roo thinks to himself. he can't resist to take another and another bite. Not noticing that he himself might be a member of the fruit bowl soon.

Gift pic by the cool artist ZS

I would like to thank him. I always love his transformations and hope to see more in the future.

Take the skin and peel the banana yote back - that makes it better
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My that's yotes banana is big
A gift doodle by ZS
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