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Message (Posted on Friday 27th 2012):
Heya Kurst. I thought I'd say hey and check out your site. Very nicely laid out. Didnt know you were into programming, thats pretty sweet. :) Learned a lot about you and hope to see you again at another con or MNFurs meet.

- Rico Raccoon
Fargo, ND

Message (Posted on Tuesday 17th 2012):
Can I ask you a question?When I try to post my story,it always says:Warning: mysql_connect(): Too many connections in /home/changes/public_html/stories/includes/config.php on line 33
Database access error. Please contact the site administrator.Could you help me?Thanks.It's the second time I typed this story,and it's really irritating.Thanks. :)

Name:Adrian Wolf
Message (Posted on Saturday 7th 2012):
Good Evening Kurst, i was just viewing your FA profile when i noticed you had a website, so here i am, ive just been going through your photo gallery and i must say that your photography skills are truly amazing and very inspiring to me

Message (Posted on Wednesday 21st 2011):
Just letting you know, Cyoc seems to be broken with some kind of database error.

Message (Posted on Monday 5th 2011):
Hi, Kurst, my name is Chip and I just viewed your site; it's pretty neat. I like your artwork and your photography of the various animals. I, actually, found your site while following the link from the Choose Your Own Change website. Incidentally, I was going to P.M. you but I don't know your PM address. Anyway great site, and I'll be sure to visit it again!

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