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The scribblings of other coyotes, wolves, huskies, minotaurs, other furry animals, and even *gasp* humans are scribbled here.

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Name:Junkshop Coyote
Message (Posted on Monday 27th 2010):
Just passing by; I follow you on FA and Twitter.


Message (Posted on Tuesday 11th 2010):
hello all


Name:Rob Miller
Message (Posted on Friday 19th 2010):
Cool site.


Message (Posted on Friday 28th 2009):
Fresh from a summer of convetion like ac califur fc it has been awsome hope to see all next year :)

Great site you are one amazing artist I would like to meet you at a convention and buy art from you personally ;) thanks ciao


Message (Posted on Monday 16th 2009):
sup. found ur site on thrashwolf's and decided to visit. love it would like to chat.

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