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Message (Posted onx Saturday October 26th 2013):
Hello, I understand you helped with the programming of CYOC. I appreciate this. I wanted you to know that. Hope life is treating you well.

can't login

Message (Posted onx Tuesday September 17th 2013):
Hi Kurst! I cleared my cache on my chrome browser and now I can no longer log in to cyoc.net. It refuses my password on any web browser. My browser does accept cookies. Any suggestions? Never had this problem before. Please help! 10-year cyoc contributor.

FanFiction going away on CYOC

Message (Posted onx Thursday September 5th 2013):
You should inform the fanfic writers that, if their stories are anime based, there is already a site for anime based multiple branching stories. It's called Anime Addventure.
For those that aren't anime, they could try to put those up at BE Addventure.

CYOC, AA, BEA. Those are the 3 'create your own adventure' sites online that I know of. There are likely more.

crazy Ausky's Provides Thanks

Message (Posted onx Wednesday January 23rd 2013):
From the big group of auskies which i'm the only one to my knowlege, on MNFurs. I'd like to say Thanks you for helping on MNFurs:D

Isolation Play by Kyell Gold book

Name:Veronica Langford
Message (Posted onx Thursday October 25th 2012):
Hello.Kyell Gold. and picks up books. right now So buy a book I need that books Great site you are one amazing artist Iwant see that. books please, please, please! you tell phone my mom right now. Don't Bad words no more ok. Were you try bad words to her.not nice.Be nice plaese.:O So I love books.Cooli must say that your photography skills amazing bring me a books. So. come on I wants see that books.

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