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Message (Posted onx Friday October 5th 2012):
Hey just wanted to say that I love the site. But, I have a question. Can you post something to remind people that the site is not for religous preachings and other things? I was just asking because I'm tired of go to read something and it has nothing to do with the story. Sorry for writing this here didn't see any other contact link.

Message (Posted onx Friday July 27th 2012):
Heya Kurst. I thought I'd say hey and check out your site. Very nicely laid out. Didnt know you were into programming, thats pretty sweet. :) Learned a lot about you and hope to see you again at another con or MNFurs meet.

- Rico Raccoon
Fargo, ND

Message (Posted onx Tuesday January 17th 2012):
Can I ask you a question?When I try to post my story,it always says:Warning: mysql_connect(): Too many connections in /home/changes/public_html/stories/includes/config.php on line 33
Database access error. Please contact the site administrator.Could you help me?Thanks.It's the second time I typed this story,and it's really irritating.Thanks. :)

Name:Adrian Wolf
Message (Posted onx Saturday January 7th 2012):
Good Evening Kurst, i was just viewing your FA profile when i noticed you had a website, so here i am, ive just been going through your photo gallery and i must say that your photography skills are truly amazing and very inspiring to me

Message (Posted onx Wednesday December 21st 2011):
Just letting you know, Cyoc seems to be broken with some kind of database error.

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