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The scribblings of other coyotes, wolves, huskies, minotaurs, other furry animals, and even *gasp* humans are scribbled here.

Why don't you join them?

Note: we do not control content nor screen for adult language on this page. So if you see any adult language here be advised: it's not the site admin's fault.

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Name:Blue Heeler SunFire
Message (Posted onx Friday May 26th 2006):
thought I would drop by and say HI.. since you directed me here.


Name:Andrew Rabbitt
Message (Posted onx Friday February 24th 2006):
Happy Birthday Yote!


Name:Andrew Rabbitt
Message (Posted onx Wednesday December 28th 2005):
Hi Yote! This is Neat

Name:Mark Gordon
Message (Posted onx Saturday January 22nd 2005):
Your site is a good place to get feed back on stories- not everyone will like everything but it gives a writer a sense of whats liked and disliked. Would like to discuss what your transformation fantacies are. Hope to chat with you at some point.

Just dropped by to say Hi!

Message (Posted onx Tuesday October 26th 2004):
I was just sniffing around the net looking for fellow Minnesota gaming, and started following the webtrail that Yarrick planted in my nose with his Mngamer invite, and thus eventually came accross your site.

And felt the need to touch noses and comment - Love the coyote drawings (being a wolf fan myself...).

Plus I was wondering about that 10 year running RPG campaign you mentioned elsewhere on this site, because it sounds interesting from what say about it. Is there anything you can me about it?

- WW

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