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Thanks for cyoc

Message (Posted on Friday 29th 2016):
Thanks for helping with cyoc!

Message (Posted on Friday 1st 2015):
This guy is a living legend. Helped program CYOC. thanks a lot

Name:Fenrix Wulf
Message (Posted on Thursday 5th 2014):
Heyas! Just thought I'd post and say I love your photography! Really enjoy browsing your work. ^.^

Name:Kerry Lavulo
Message (Posted on Friday 23rd 2014):
Great photography! Thanks for sharing :D

Do you RP?

Name:Andrew *TechnoMage*
Message (Posted on Thursday 10th 2014):
So, do you RP anywhere? On CYOC or another location? I ask because I frequent a few places to RP, including a nice little IRC server for TFs.

Nice site by the way. Good design.

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