KURST 'yipyap' Hyperyote

Some quick reference for Kurst

This is a work in progress page. When I get done this will have a real reference sheet and not done in 5 minutes ;).

Kurst is a coyote.

Kurst has a normal body type. Not ultra thin, not ultra muscular, more normal body type.

Face - Golden eyes, natural brown fur whiteish down the front. (very optional) 2 gold ear rings in the right ear. White muzzle area white fur in the ear.

Body brown matching the face white down chest, hands and paws and lower arms/legs white.

Tail - brown tail, white streak on bottom, ends in a black tip"

Can be digigrade or plantigrade. Artist preference

Can wear full clothing. But most of the time in goth/tribal outfit. It's original been designed as more goth but a lot of people took it a tribal direction both work. “dusty” bandages covering up lower arms and legs. Loin cloth in the front. Jewelry an ornate skull on left arm, purple band on right, jewelry on front.

Sometimes have a staff if out wandering...

Some day soon will have real references but uses these pics of interpitation to help.

Kurst Scouting

Kurst Guitar

Kurst badge

Kurst in Moonlight

Kurst with weapons

Kurst with weapons


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