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If you don’t know Kurst I can sum myself in a few sentences. “Kurst loves photography, fantasy art, transformation, programming, and video games.” Basically anything that is fun and helps keep my imagination active.

Lets start off with the name - The name “Kurst” came from a role playing book in the early 90’s because I was asked for a log in name and I used that name ever since. The character in the book was a shapeshifter so it did fit in a strange way. I have thought of changing it to a few different names (hyperyote is one) but for some reason that one just said “stay”.

The online personal “Kurst” has been defined as a coyote - the reason why is I has had dreams of coyotes since he was young and most importantly I found Wile E Coyote at a young age. I always found that Wile E. is my favorite film and television actor/character. While he is type cast heavily - I just kinda like his attitude when things go wrong you take the pain and try again seem to fit me. Plus when you fail make sure you fail miserably.

I pretty much didn't have a true anthro look with it until I really starting to talk to Rog Minotaur she defined the character “Kurst” in so many ways.

So what does this personification look like. The best way is to just show it Kurst By Rog Minotaur But it's basically like this brownish fur with lighter on the chest. Wrappings of cloth on his legs and arms. Black tip tail. Ear rings in both ears. Fang tooth jewerly and such. Golden eyes. And oh yes. Even though he is a coyote.. He has more of a normal human body. Less ultra thin body. But that is how I look online.

Kurst On Video Games -
My love for video games is endless computer/console/portable you name it I will at least try to play it. I have an extensive library of games for all systems. And I just love playing new games and new ideas. RPGs are my favorite but I got to admit game with anthro characters always get looked at. If I listed my top 30 games I would be thinking for hours going through lists trying to decide which ones are trully the best so I won't bore you. Lets just say I love a lot of games and I just love playing them!.

I'm also now playing a lot of MMORPG mainly World Of Warcraft. While I still enjoy the game I am looking for other MMORPG to get my back. But i have a feeling I won't be finding any very soon.

Kurst on Pen And Paper Role Playing -
I got to say role playing I have fun. Though I find now I enjoy play pen and paper role playing with furry or transformation slant (like werewolf, iron claw, etc) but it’s doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good classic D&D campaign. But pen and paper RPG I just love the interesting stories. Pretending to be someone or something that has a destiny. Ahhh the fun. I also like playing things that are just an aspect of me and blow it out of proportions. With a right GM it's a great (and cheap way) to have fun for many months. (Or years close to 10 years for one campeign in fact!)

Kurst On Fantasy Art -
I've always interested in Fantasy Art. Of course were canines hold a special place for me. I just love werewolves even though I hate ever werewolf movie ever made. But yeah if I see half human half animal character I just love it. Call it the Disney Robin Hood effect. :)

Kurst On Transformation -
Transformation is in everything in our lives. I love how the concept of changing a person/animal position in life to something else. I think it's the need to change myself that is the reason why I love it :).

Kurst on Programming -
I like programming doing it since I was at oldest 10 years old. So year and years of practice is behind me. I work in variety of languages - even though I know “Front end” work I prefer to work with the data not like user interfaces. Still I have programmed a few sites for people (see links) including sites that try to make gasp money for people. I consider each program a great experiement and I am a success if people use it!

Kurst on Photography -
It seems my current obsession. I am taking pictures because it gets me out and about. Helping me get fresh air. I also taking pictures because I know my artist friends who use them for references. I don't mind doing a little help those friends.

Kurst on Himself -
I try to help my friends and family out whenever possible. I try to help others out and help them out no matter what I have to do. A promise is a promise and I will not back out of it! And the other key thing in life is don't try to hurt other people if you do try to help them back

So that's me in a nutshell I’ll up this later to have more information and interesting facts!


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