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Definitive Picture drawn of me by Rog Minotaur

Do you dance with the coyote in the pale blue moonlight?

Created by K. & A. Kluveson

A con badge a day keeps the coyote happy that day.

Created by K. & A. Kluveson

This coyote is my guitar hero.  A real juke box hero.

A gift picture of Kurst
by Rog Minotaur

Coyote feeling his native heritage - the tricksters blood run strong in him.

Gift picture by Kangaroo Boy

I am sure that is the latest Spooo Presents Kurst am I right?

Badge carefully created by Aerak

Interesting comic there Kurst is that the new coyote river?

Badge by Thrashwolf

I thought it was all about yote, Kurst?

Gift picture by Aerak

It's a work in progress......

Commission by Kangaroo Boy for Spooo Presents Comics

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