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I have a few people asking me how can they help support me on my photography and other endevers. That I should get something for the pictures and other things I did in the community. Since I don't want to sell items directly it locks me down on options. So since a few people ask me this I might as have my official Kurst Motivation And Give Nifty Stuff FAQ.

How to keep Kurst motivated creating sites, writing stuff, photography, and just feeling good about himself (and embarrassed to get something) FAQ

  • Just saying Hi. I really appreciate the thought and the motion of saying Hi.
  • Art and writing. I always enjoy both - if you know me well enough you can guess what i want!
  • Donate money goes right into Kurst Photography Fund. Any money will go to: buying a new camera, a few new lenses, and trips to places. All of which will allow me to take more photos share.
  • My Amazon.com Wish ListAmazon wish list is updated with everything I need and looking at. Also I got to admit gift certificates to other stores always cool
  • And more ways only your imagination can find

If you do try to get me anything please tell me. Honestly if I get anything I will be pleasently suprised!


Check it out yourself at Rabbit Valley Store

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