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The obligory update page!

This is the update page. Updates may be listed on the page. Maybe not. Who can tell!

  • June 23rd, Doing some back end updates and took out some links. Going to either gut the site or going to give more content. Will decide soon enough I kind of like this old old site.
  • March 3rd, Still updating the site. Will continue to put art and pictures on the site over the next few months. Thanks for stopping by!
  • October 27th, Don’t have much time to make major changes on the site but moved around the side bars, the links on the top and some general maintance stuff. Other than that not much changed other than my about 4 pics a day ;). Thanks for stopping by and hope you are enjoying the site.
  • July 31th, Still working on a better way to do navigation but in the mean time added support to Cooliris so people can take a good look at pictures a little bit easier. Anyways thanks for dropping by
  • June 10th, Working on a better way to do navigation. But in the mean time I did make a Site Map that has every page on the site pretty frickin cool!
  • March 25th, well still plumbing away went pass my first year aniversery for taking pictures. We are past 1,000 pictures now on the site. Also now updated the Kurst Wishlist page to be more up to date. Having some minor formmatng issues I do know how to fix it but bah too lazy. thanks for looking and have a great day/night.

  • March 11th, I still posting pictures LOL. Up to nearly 1,000 will be saying the WOO HOO 1,000 post soon. Did some guest book help here and will be posting more pics soon :)
  • Septeber 6th, I posted over 200 photographs on my site. While some are okay others are good. To celebrate I am putting up my favorite picture up there Higher Power is the name. I took that in one of the first shoots with my current string of cameras on a very snowy day at the Minnesota Zoo. Again just my favorite picture I ever took. I hope you like it.

  • September 3rd - Hello. As you been seeing I have been updating the photography area without publicing posting. That's okay on my book ;) Anyways if you click on any image in the gallery I now have it doing a pop up which should make it much more viewable faster. So you don't have to scroll the page just click if you want to pop it up and resize for your screen. I hope that works well for you.

  • July 10 - Hello. As you can see I took a long break from uploads of picture I hope in the next few days I will get back into a few more pictures up on the site. I hope you like what you see. Keep fingers cross that I have some time to update in the next week.

  • April 26 - So far so good. I am getting a few more queued up. I hopfully will have enough pics I like to continue till next week. After that it’s going to be deciding if it’s a different enough pic to show to people. Again if the pictures are useful feel free to send me email. I just hope people are happy with it.

  • April 24 - Back end code change. Mostly with the RV top lists. They now don’t appear on the display pages now. The thumbnails yes display no. Should make it nicer for browsing IMHO still thinking of doing something else with left and right to make them visbile but that’s a tweak.

  • April 22 - Taking a break from apartment cleaning. I now have updated my site to have a new photo area for photography. Right now it’s just nature. But in the future I might break it up. But the intersting thing is the nature picture will be edited and may not be 100% correct from a color/subject perspective. It’s how I decide it so don’t use this as true color references. So if you don’t want to nav to that page with the nav bar? Then click photography here for some fun.

  • Feburary 6 - I figure what would be good right now but a nifty picture in my gallery. Brilliant idea I thought so it is today another picture WEEE!

  • February 5 - A quick update. Since the original code of the site was extremly old and was concern about backwards browser compatibility the site is written in classic font and color manipulations. So I am going to start migrating it to css little by little. Won't be done in one day but at least the base font is changed.

  • January 31 - A stupid moment. I actually have the email adress to [email protected] Which is INVALID. You can see the gif of the email address on the bottom of the page now. Sorry about that. I mean I cancelled them a year ago. Idiot moment ;)

  • January 18 - Today I figure it would be a great day to put up some badges. Behold them in my gallery. And thank you for taking the time to look.

  • January 17 - Hmm what should i do. I know I should put another picture up in my gallery. It’s my convention badge. I was happy to get that one :). AND yes I plan on more posting and maybe more than a sentence or two.

  • January 16 - How to prevent span on your site 101. Make your secret word entry impossible to enter. BRILLIANT! Now fixed in this update I hope. There goes my clean guest book....

  • January 16 - Updating my home page twice in one week! That’s that’ going to cause the internet to explode! Added another picture in the general gallery. This time a gift picture by the talent Kangaroo Boy. Thanks for the wonderful giftof the native Kurst and I hope you have lots of good luck this year be good roo!

  • January 15 - I know it’s been lonely on the site. lots of cobwebs the tumbleweeds blowing by. Heck a coyote got to like the desert when things like that happens. The truth is my scanner is broken and I couldn’t get my pictures. In the future the scanner should be all happy. Anyways added a new gift from Rog Minotaur of Kurst added to the gallery. I also changed some of the code that display pictures. Mostly changes under the covers nothing to see there move along ;) Anyways hope for a faster update next one!

  • September 29 - I must did SOME updates in between here. I put up a new picture in the gallery pages. It is great to get some content from Kangaroo Boy up there it's just rock! :) Thanks again roo from da yote - Kurst!

  • December 29 - Some minor link updates also mentioning the MNFurs - Minnesota Furs first time on the site.

  • March 24 - Another update! This one around the amazing art of Cat Warrior. Thank you friend for doing Kurst in another light.

  • Feburary 24, 2006 - Thought I would treat people with another sketchbook picture on my site. Also change a template file. Format looks cleaner. I figure it was a good day to do it!

  • July 31 - First update of a few new pic uploaded in the gallery. Have fun!

  • April 26 - GRRRRRRR Spammers found my guestbook doing one thing before I have to find an open source random generator for number. Which would suck and you will see it on other sites I have if I am pushed to shove on it. Anyways more "fun" things I did update a link to a new upcoming comic that I am helping get out into the wild. So that is "cool". Wow one of my links went bad - for Wolf's Rain imagine that deleting it for now.

  • March 2nd - Amazing another update! Another gift that I recieved this christmas! Hope you like it!

  • Feb 22th - New update - one new gift picture added. Hope you like it.

  • Feb 14th - Didn't realize I never updated my unemployment page... Updated and fixed (in a good way)

  • Feb 14th, 2005 - Small update some new pictures all over the place. Also some new link or two! Thanks for everyone visiting just feel free to say hi! Update more links in the future :)

  • July 29th - Rog's blantent Adult auctions are now blocked from showing an icon on site. I don't want to offend anyone

  • July 20th - Added my con badge and a rescan of an old Rog Minotaur picture. Hope you love them!

  • June 6th - Added new gift pic by Wolf LSI. Well it's an old one shown in a new way ;) Hope you like it :).

  • April 7th - Long lost pictures have been added to the gallery! I'm happy to have found them and will try to clean up the scans MUCH later.

  • April 4th - Added some admin stuff because a friend might need it. Other than that. I fixed some bugs in the gallery software that were in my branch but NO ONE ELSE's. Damn it LOL

  • April 4th - Integrated my guestbook software I created for Thrashwolf back into the main image gallery software tree. Not as templated as the main gallery but still very easy to modify! Also change part of the display presentation and some word changes. Hope they are good for you too!

  • April 1st - Serious update - added link graphics and more links

  • March 31 - Updated RSS field output some of it was just stupidly done.. BLAH

  • March 26 - Official Java script abuse - roll overs WEEE!!!! Other things have been updated but that's for otehrs to find out

  • March 24 - Oh fixed the XML issues on some pages. Also change the nasty 94 L bar text links to cooler 95 graphical links. No real other changes.

  • March 18 - Can't sleep so I did something for myself a delete option for the guest book without going into the DB ohhhh!

  • March 17 - Knew I forgot a picture LOL. Lunarwolf drew a wonderful pic a while ago. It's not in my sketchbook because it's loose paper. Wonderful stuff from one furry masters of pencils!

  • March 17 - Added a guest book. Sign it if you feel like it! Other than that little touch ups all over the place.

  • March 17 - The big update. Added a lot of art from AC 2003, MFF 2003, FC 2004. Also you might notice the side bars that say Rabbit Valley and such. Since I program their site it's important that this is tested LOL. Lots of new stuff scattered around the site I would say about 20 new pics. Thanks for stopping bye drop a line!

  • Feb 12 - Updating the search engine stuff and updating site code next round will give us new pics I promise!

  • August 8 - Created update page. Put a werepuppy sketch image in the gallery. Added an Kurst is broke unemployment page.


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